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Concerning Hobbits by Howard Shore from Fellowship of The Ring

I played and recorded as a special request by robairlb@gmail.com

“Concerning Hobbits”  from the soundtrack of “The Fellowship Of The Ring”

The use of Irish tin whistle, and fiddle in the original recording for the main melody gives the track a Celtic feel.

The tin whistle is somewhat similar to the Nay in our culture.

You may notice the extensive use of ghost notes while I play the melody; as an attempt to imitate the dynamics created by the instruments used in the original recording.
I decided to end in the main theme of LOTR. It just felt right.



مش بس تلفنلي/So Danco Samba

Another Match found:

Song by Salma Mosfi by Ziad Rahbani from Monodose; مش بس تلفنلي




And the original track, a popular Bossa Nova song that goes under the name of So Danco Samba



It’s worth noting that there are numerous covers for this song.

Oh Sometimes I Get a Good Feeling

I was curious about the singer of “Oh sometimes I get a good feeling”, thought maybe there’s an original song.

Turn’s out it’s true, her name is Etta James, gospel genre song from the 60’s.