Mays El Rim Piano Cover

The famous 2nd introduction of Mays El Rim play by the Rahbani Brothers.

This was one of the earliest publicized compositions of Ziad. I overheard he was 16 when he composed it. It might have been his first musical contribution to a play by his father and uncle.

This beautiful piece has been performed in many concerts, with many different arrangements. This piano interpretation has been inspired by several of those arrangements.



Music Arrangments Of The TEDxBeirut Event

First off it has been a great experience volunteering for this event, I got to meet wonderful people.

TEDxBeirut Team
TEDxBeirut Team and Speakers

I had the privilege of producing the playback music.

The song was written and composed by Naim Zard, Rasha Hamze, and Sarah Kourkejian.

Main song arrangement by Naim Zard and me.

The main arrangement was played as an outro to the event.

I also decided to create variations of the song, inspired by the speakers’ subjects.

I ended up creating 3 arrangements :

  • Robotic/Futuristic (Charles El Aachi)
  • Oriental (Suzanne Talhouk)
  • Indian/Percussive (Walkabout Drum Circle)

The variations were played in-between the sections.

I noticed some volunteers using this as their ringtone! So I thought it’d be cool to be able to download them.

You can easily download and use them if you want 🙂 A different variation for a different event maybe?

Finally, many thanks to my dear friend and brilliant musician Naim Zard for helping me get this opportunity, and his contribution on the music, and help to make this project happen.

Enjoy, and remember All We Need is an Internet Connection!

Update: I also edited the music to the intro/outro for the TEDxBeirut 2012 videos

Kalam El Nes Generique Piano Cover

In the light of the latest happenings (the bombing of Ashrafieh), we heard this theme time and over again. It has always been a sign of turbulence in the country whenever we didn’t hear it on a Thursday night on LBC as usual.

I decided to use a strings sound for this one, to make it sound more like the original.

It’s also worth noting that this awesome piece is composed and arranged by Hadi Charara.




Concerning Hobbits by Howard Shore from Fellowship of The Ring

I played and recorded as a special request by

“Concerning Hobbits”  from the soundtrack of “The Fellowship Of The Ring”

The use of Irish tin whistle, and fiddle in the original recording for the main melody gives the track a Celtic feel.

The tin whistle is somewhat similar to the Nay in our culture.

You may notice the extensive use of ghost notes while I play the melody; as an attempt to imitate the dynamics created by the instruments used in the original recording.
I decided to end in the main theme of LOTR. It just felt right.



مش بس تلفنلي/So Danco Samba

Another Match found:

Song by Salma Mosfi by Ziad Rahbani from Monodose; مش بس تلفنلي




And the original track, a popular Bossa Nova song that goes under the name of So Danco Samba



It’s worth noting that there are numerous covers for this song.

TV Appearance “Duo El Gharam”

I’ve been on the TV set for a new series, “Duo El Gharam”, that will be showing during Ramadan on LBC.

My Role was a member of the orchestra, on the piano. The set had some of the most popular soap-opera stars in Lebanon.

It has been a great experience, and I’ve had some nice exposure.

My dear friend Roger, owner of Music-A was the one to offer me the job, many thanks to him.